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New Year’s Resolutions

February 12, 2011 by Amanda Moncus

I know it’s already half way through February, but I think now is a good time to talk about New Year’s resolutions. I didn’t make any. I think maybe I used to, but who really sticks to them? What’s the point?

I realize that even though I didn’t officially make any resolutions on January 1, I do look at my life every once and try to set some goals. A few days ago I rediscovered a journal entry I had written two years ago titled “Life Goals”. Out of the 18 things I’d written down, I’ve actually accomplished 3, and started on some others. That might seem low, but I feel pretty good about it so far. Over the past couple years I have become a professional photographer, run a photography business, and become a mentor (sort of).

Things on the list I’m still working on – learn another language (I’m wavering between Italian and Japanese), learn to play guitar (or maybe bass?), vacation overseas (someday), and have a neat and organized house (I’m getting there!)

There are more things on the list, but my interests and priorities have changed somewhat. It’s funny, but I think my biggest goal at the time was to live life to the fullest, with purpose, and to be happy – but that isn’t exactly what I wrote. I did write

“I think I’m finally realizing that living isn’t something you can do passively. It has to be done with purpose.”

That’s what I’ve really been trying to do lately – living on purpose. That may seem an odd phrase, but it makes sense to me. My newest goals are sort of a part of that. To have meaningful relationships, be more creative, and keep a blog. These things are just a small part of living life to the fullest – on purpose.

Does anyone else have any life goals or New Year’s resolutions that you’re working on?


  1. Tracie says:

    To bring back my dreams that I have given up on because fear, doubt, or rejection.

  2. Cyle Lewis says:

    YAY! You are awesome and I am so excited that you are blogging- you are more and more beautiful as you live life on purpose, Ive been noticing! Your birthday was super fun by the way:)

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